Monday, January 19, 2009

Stacy and Joe's Wedding - 12.31.08

How was YOUR New Year's Eve? Mine was spent shooting the most FABULOUS New Year's Eve Wedding in town! I seriously had so much fun with Stacy and Joe and their family and friends, I can't imagine a better way to ring in 2009.

(Side Note: I know I've been totally MIA from the blog. :( Busy times! I promise to try harder. We cool? Great. Now, on with wedding fantastic-ness. )

Stacy was just glowing! I love a happy bride!
Since the wedding was going to be getting over when the sun was going down, Stacy and Joe opted to see each other before the ceremony (Which I LOVE!) so we could spend some time getting great shots of them and their friends.

The first look - I love how thrilled Joe looks here.

We went to the old Courthouse downtown. Lovely in there during the day!
Joe looking dashing.
And I couldn't decide my favorite of these two of Stacy... I'll let you decide.

And then there's this. :)

Really cool staircase.
After, we took over the Flamingo Bowl on Washington! Such a cool place - very retro, hip feel.
And I love all the color!

Ok I totally caught this. They were plotting the whole time!

Awesome round church!

Nice turnout. :)

Officially official.
And Boy do these guys know how to make an entrance!

Oh, I could've watched them dance all night. They're so connected, it was like they were just dancing and laughing in Joe and Stacy world.

Aaaanndd... the party people. ALL OF THEM. OMG!

The BIG KISS at Midnight! Happy New Year!
Love it! Love you guys! Loved being a part of your day and love your pictures. Hope you love them too. Another big hug and huge thanks to Kelly of Kelly Park Photography for rocking my world, yet again.

Enjoy your slideshow, I sure do. :)


Sarah's Adventures said...

Oh my gosh, the church is AMAZING. What church was that??

Kelly Park Photography said...

Beautiful :) What a fun wedding, love the slideshow!!!

Stacy and Joe said...

WE LOVE YOU STEVIE! And Kelly too! You two rock and the pictures turned out even better than we imagined! Thank you! Thank you!
-Stacy and Joe

ELisa said...

Yay! You're back! I've been wondering where you were... I thought I was going to have to send out a search party :) Great pictures as always!

Von DeVore said...

I've never seen a round church. Very interesting. Looks like you guys had a really good time and did an amazing job on the pics!!!

Anonymous said...

hey...awesome....I just love the Stacy and Joe wedding pictures....some of the most exciting wedding pictures I have seen in a long long while.....