Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jessica and Josh - Engaged!

WOO! Look at me, blogging twice in one day!

I met Jessica and Josh downtown St. Charles for some relaxed engagements this past weekend. It was really exciting because I got to do some really neat stuff with the great light we had and an alley I pass by all the time but never go in! what was I thinking!

p.s. whats up with me and only blogging vertical images??? wierdo.

Look! he smiles! No really!!

I really love how relaxed they were together. Doesn't she look so comfy and beautiful??

And... we bring the drama.

what the!?.. WHY did I never go here?

I loved the shoes and sunglasses so I had to pull some fashion-y-ness out.

Great fun! I'll be sure to bring some extra Red Bull for the wedding day! ;)

Molly Rose... and a peony?

Yes we all know Molly by now, and will surely see more of her as she grows and grows... And if she keeps eating flowers, she may grow into one of those! :) hahaha...

Showin' some sass...

"I'm gonna eat this peony. It smells good."

ok I kid a lot but these of mom and molly are really sweet.

Don't you love the red! I DO!

More next month! and hopefully another animal print dress. :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Anna and Kevin- New Mr. and Mrs.!

Wow! WOW! What a day! Anna and Kevin were married on a beautiful morning at Assumption Catholic Church in O'Fallon and had an AWESOME reception at the new Ameristar Casino and Hotel. Although the rain this spring hasn't been friendly and caused a reception site move, I don't think anything could've dampened the spirits of these two.

"Team Bride!"

Doesn't this shot look so vintage?? They both had a very classic '40's look that day.


Really. the hotel at the Ameristar is stinkin' cool!

And our dashing groom...

Oh, yea... the 'reception' dress.. A two-dress bride!

And an awesome fireworks show to cap off the night.

I had such an amazing day with you guys! Also a big thank you to my 'photo army' for the day - Mark Schweigen and Alicea and Ashley!

OMG! I almost forgot the slideshow.. bad, Stevie!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Michelle and Jim - soon to be wed!

Michelle and Jim joined me at Forest Park for a beautiful day engagement session before their wedding on June 7th! They were soo sweet with each other, you could tell that they were just meant to be. :) I just love how snuggly and cute they are!

Uh.. no tulips were harmed in the making of these photos. Promise. :)

Check out those GORGEOUS! blue eyes on Michelle. She is going to be a really lovely bride!
Thanks for hanging out with me, guys! See you at the City Museum!