Monday, April 28, 2008

Stacy and Joe - Engaged!

I am one lucky girl. I got the day of the weekend where it didn't rain and an AWESOME! couple to photograph too! Joe and Stacy had so much energy and life and love... wow! I really feed off great vibes like that and it shows! You guys were amazing to work with and I can't wait to be a part of your wedding on New Year's Eve!

Warning! Excessive photo post! :)

Have I mentioned how much I'm in love with my new 85mm f1.2??? Because I am. And here's why.

These just make me feel all warm. LOVE the sunlight!

Pfft... of COURSE I put them in the street.. uh, did you expect any less?

I took these last few without looking.. just clicking away..

Hey, thats YOU! HAHAHAHA!

And in case you haven't had enough... I just got my slideshow software upgraded! (the music starts out quiet so don't blast your speakers. :P )

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Shot Party!

My good friend and fellow St. Louis Photographer Kelly Manno organized a little 'shot party' for a bunch of us here last sunday! It was a super cold, rainy day but we had an awesome couple and super cute model to shoot so on with the party!

This is everyone there! (I'm in the front in the blue coat)

I really love model shoots because I get to experiment with different kinds of posing, lighting and processing. So enjoy some images a little different from the usual Stevie. :)

mmmmm... high key....

I love how this looks so pensive.

It was raining so we raided the Old Spaghetti Factory on the landing.. ha.

After the shoot we all went to Morgan St. Brewery for some dinner and drinks. (This is Kelly Park, Jenny Henneberry, me, Kelly Manno, Sherry Rosenberger and Dorinda Peyton)

Robin Richmond and Margaret Bell

Kristen Mueller and her hubby, Tony :)

Jodi, Kelly and Clary ... in the hood.

Sherry and Jodi showing their 'love' for Chad..haha..

Everyone loves Chad..... :P

The exit to the cars and a couple group shots, one with Clary....

...and with Ashley and Alicea!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Anna and Kevin are getting married!!

Thank goodness this winter stuff is almost gone! One of the first beautiful weekends in a LOOOONNNGGG time and I got to shoot Anna and Kevin's engagements!

The 'extended' family! Aren't they cute!?

'Ooh La la'! Perfect!

Thanks guys! it was so fun!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

March St. Louis Pug!

I love our Pug in St. Louis (Pictage User Group)! Even when there's only a few of us, we have a great time and always have something fun to do and talk about. This month we did a 'ShootSac Shoot' with Chad Jeffrey. The ShootSac is a super cool lens bag for photographers. Chad has a couple neat covers for his so we did a little ShootSac Fashion. :)

Haha.. this green cover is called 'Money' so we had to have him kicking over the meter.

Poor Alisha! No one could go to the casino with her!

Thanks to Von, Dan and Crystal, Alisha and Chad for coming out!