Friday, July 28, 2006

My Susie

One of my best friends ever got married a few weeks ago and she let me do some fun bridal/family shots afterwards. She's so beautiful and we had this great farm to work with (and a 4wheeler!) so I knew they would turn out great!

Grow up so fast...

So I've been doing a "baby's first year" series with the McNeill's and their daughter, Anastasia. I so love working with babies! Ana is 6 months old now and her little personality is really coming out.

They're such a wonderful family!

Ana is so funny! I think she was more interested in my camera than her toys. A photographer in the making??

She loves her puppies! Can you tell?? :)

And then after a quick snack...

It was off for a nap...

See you at 9 months Ana!


The rain coming home on 40 last night made for a lovely sunset. Disclaimer: I don't recommend driving 70mph and taking pictures through the windshield. :)